Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes...Love - A Monologues Show written by Joelle Arqueros


Joelle Arqueros

"I began studying love at 17 by walking down Sunset Blvd to Hollywood High School in the late eighties. There were prostitutes everywhere and men flashing me as I carried my books tightly. Not exactly a princess story. Somehow I graduated though I rarely made it to school.  Yes Bruce Willis was filming MOONLIGHTING on the corner and Jack Nicholson was filming MY TWO JAKES  on the other corner -but some asshole was also pulling up on the curb blocking my path with his penis out trying to get me and my Madonna Backpack into his car. So...I decided to move to Brooklyn. After all my first love was John Travolta in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and there were Tony Maneros everywhere. I lived in Bensonhurst , Bay Ridge ,  and Sheapshead Bay.
"I ended up at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and moved to Manhattan.  I began writing and directing plays about love and the confusing dark places adults had forced me to encounter as a young woman. I was motivated by people I met who were destroyed somehow in their early lives to where they  simply couldn't function in a healthy romantic relationship , the struggles to get through this , and the overwhelming amount of people who chose to  simply remain unhealthy . These pieces were produced at Bob Moss’ Playwrights’ Horizons.  “Sex, Relationships… and Sometimes Love” was born and went on to a sold out run, in the heart of New York’s Times Square at the Show World Theatre, located immediately above a thriving burlesque arcade on 2003." Joelle is also a member of The Actor's Studio Playwright /Director Unit.

Joelle Arqueros has just received the VALOUR AWARDfor her "groundbreaking work" writing SEX, RELATIONSHIPS, and SOMETIMES...LOVE" from the  WOMEN MAKING CHANGES FOUNDATION

She has also started the organization HARC -Humans Against the RAPE of Children

Just Premiered her First Documentary - THE WAY HE MAKES THEM FEEL about Michael Jackson Fans - web for more info


Nicolas Read
Nicolas is a proud Lifetime Member of the famed Actors Studio, whose membership roll is a veritable who’s who of the acting world: Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Dustin Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Robert DeNiro and Mickey Rourke- to name but a few.
Today, Nicolas studies with Martin Landau as well as with director Mark Rydell (On Golden Pond, The River, James Dean) at the Actors Studio. Nicolas has also studied acting with Marc Marno at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles. 


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