Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes...Love - A Monologues Show written by Joelle Arqueros
GLAAD nominated hit now in Los Angeles, Canada, New York and Ireland 
Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes...Love was first produced at  SHOW WORLD in Times Square in 2003. It has currently been running a healthy 12 years at numerous Theaters throughout the United States as well as Canada and Ireland ....and is now premiering an open run at THE SNAPPLE THEATER in THE JERRY ORBACH THEATRE on 50th and Broadway. Produced and Directed by Brian Remo and Fearless Productions.
These monologues are for everyone. They characterize the raw, delicate, and poignant perspectives of sex and love. They are modern, candid, topical, and for all walks of life- men, women, crossgender, straight, gay, and human.
A Monologues Show about Relationships.... Or whatever you want to call them

For Tickets in LA  please call  323-769-5566
For Tickets in NY please call 212 921 7862

*Now currently casting in Los Angeles - you may send headshots and resumes to


YOU can purchase the play at SAM FRENCH - or
The Poor Alex Theatre
772A Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario
"Joelle Arqueros understands the human condition, her theatrical monologues impressively roam a wide range of emotional dynamics, from angst to xenophobia and everything in between."
"Arqueros possesses an admirable empathy for the idiosyncrasies, comedic foibles and sad realities of contemporary human sexual relationships."
-Latin Heat
"a montage of manic and sometimes unnervingly psychotic comedic acts. While this may sound uncomfortable, rest assured that it can be. Delightfully uncomfortable, that is." 
"Candid and topical."
"Her eye for natural detail is spot-on...and her characters' mannnerisms and dialogue ring true."
-LA Weekly
"Sexy, raw, hilarious and provocative...this show ignites on stage into the lives of people from all walks of life."
"...cannot mask sincerity or sweetness and strength in Arqueros writing."
-28th St. Magazine
"Joelle Arqueros is a blonde dynamo with an uncanny ability to see human relations from all sides at once."
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